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Water Security

During my doctoral degree at the University of Oxford working under the advisement of Professor Jim Hall, I researched techniques to evaluate water security across scales. Water security is a complex topic that encompasses all water related risks and is applicable across multiple scales, making it challenging to measure. My research first focused on the national scale, creating a comprehensive framing of water security, along with a diagnostic method to operationalize the concept. A dashboard tool was created based on a dataset of over 50 water security indicators to illustrate the first step in the diagnostic methodology, information gathering and an initial diagnosis (Doeffinger et al., 2020). The dashboard was created for Pakistan along with four other countries to allow for cross-country comparisons. Then, a composite water security index was generated for two sub-national scales of the USA (state and county) to account for sub-national spatial heterogeneity (Doeffinger and Hall, 2021). Finally, econometric techniques were utilized to empirically test the relationship between water stress and water productivity (Doeffinger and Hall, 2020).

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